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Results from yesterday's VLM commentators “poll”

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Thanks to those who “voted” here and via Twitter on yesterday’s post:  play-by-play men, color commentators and in-studio “analysts” that you like—and don’t like.

By all means, if readers would like to add their voice today, drop a line with you likes and dislikes.

For now, my (likely imperfect) tabulation sees Bob Cole as the undisputed favorite among play-by-play specialists—followed by TSN’s Chris Cuthbert.  So far, Jim Hughson in third place while Gord Miller is currently in fourth. (A number of readers cited veteran Leaf play-by-play man Joe Bowen at the top of their list, but I have not officially counted Joe as he is not a "national" voice though I certainly understand the popular sentiment...)

As for color commentators—the guys we are at ice level or partner with the play-by-play people in the broadcast booth— (didn’t receive as many “votes” here), Greg Millen and Ray Ferraro are tied atop the short list, along with, yes, the irrepressible Pierre McGuire.

When it comes to in-studio talking heads/”insiders”/analysts (pick your favorite definition) Elliote Friedman is hands down the top vote-getter, followed in order by Bob McKenzie (a healthy second), Pierre LeBrun and Kelly Hrudey. (James Duthie is closing in on the top group as well…)

Most of the negative comments were spread out to a wide range of play-by-play, color men and analysts…too numerous to cite by name! (check out the comments section for a sampling…)

Again, feel free to join in on the discussion...

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