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One way to help the Leaf-Sen rivalry and Vintage Leaf Memories: 500+ posts and counting

That sure wasn't the Ottawa squad Leaf fans were accustomed to watching throughout the 2000s.  (Though I'm guessing Ottawa fans are looking at the Leaf roster and saying the same thing).  It was shocking, for example, to see a graphic of just how many goalies Ottawa has utilized in the last few seasons. 

The Marlie game I saw on TV Friday night was generally much more entertaining, though the third period and overtime gave folks at the ACC some action.

Once upon a time it was, if not a historical long-term "traditional" rivalry, certainly a geographic one that bubbled over virtually every playoff spring.  Regular-season games were battles.  It was hockey you didn't want to miss, with plenty of skill and just enough hatred to make it special- and fun.

What would rekindle the rivalry, now?

If Pat Quinn was brought in to run the Senators, I have to believe the sparks would fly from the get-go.  Pat spent years in Toronto as a player in the late '60s, and of course much more recently as coach.  He has a long history with Burke, Willson and plenty of people in the Leaf organization.

We wouldn't be guaranteed playoff match-ups every spring, but we could dream.  And in the meantime, at least the regular-season games would be a lot more intense.


In earlier posts, I've wondered aloud where the Leafs would be this season without Grabovski.  That's still a relevant question.  But really, what might we all be thinking right now if Reimer had not arrived to stabilize the goaltending situation?

A shutout Saturday night cemented his status as the most reliable goalie the Leafs have employed this season, though Anderson was the story of the game.


The game itself had its moments, and I did appreciate the back-checking efforts of Boyce and Kulemin at key moments of the contest. But it did look like two struggling teams for most of the night.


A few of you who have been “here”, visiting Vintage Leaf Memories since its earliest days in September of 2009, will know this is maybe a bit of a different site.

Having been a hockey fan since the late 1950s, I enjoy a lot about the game now, though I loved the game I knew as a youngster in the ‘60s and into the ‘70s as well.

As a “blogger” and host of this site, I enjoy the thoughtful feedback I receive.  I post any comments which are reasonable and well thought-out, whether they “agree” with my perspective or not.

After all, debate is part of the enjoyment of being a fan.  Everybody has their own opinion. (For example, some fans write to tell me they think Burke is doing the right thing, others don’t share that sentiment.  It’s all good debate.)

As I writer, at this point in my life, I’m not interested in being “out there” or unduly controversial.  I comment on the Leafs of today, but usually try to bring some historical context when I feel it applies to what is happening currently.

It’s easy simply to criticize a team like the Leafs, so I try to bring some balance to my posts.  The Leafs have not always been lousy, as I posted a few weeks ago.  But we have been in the midst of another dry spell, for sure.  Whether the team emerges ready to contend for a championship in the next few years, well, the jury is still very much out.

But they are a team that is building, and certainly worth following and talking about.

My aim is for this to be a place where hockey fans, especially but not exclusively Maple Leaf enthusiasts, can drop by, and simply enjoy hearing  a (hopefully) reasoned, mature perspective on the sport and the team they have a passion for.

If you’d like to drop me a line, send me a note at or simply post your comments below.

A while back, a mini-milestone of sorts was achieved with my 500th post, though we are well past that now.  I try to provide a mix of personal stories and reflections from yesteryear, with how I see the Leaf scene unfolding right now.

For those just visiting for the first time, here are a few posts from the past 18 months (click on any of the links below to check out the stories):

I hope you enjoy your visits, and I look forward to providing more in the days and weeks to come.

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